Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ooh I like that: Baby Scarves

This is the cutest thing ever!
I am discovering this product way too late in the game and am pretty bummed about it! Sawyer doesn't have the teething drooling problem any more but I remember how the front of his shirt was always soaked while he was cutting teeth and the only solution was to wear a bib all day or change his shirt constantly. Well, yesterday I discovered Baby Scarves. I saw an image on Instagram of the cutest little girl wearing a scarf and just had to find one for my bestie Megan's little girl Elliot (who is due tomorrow!!). Of course my first stop was Etsy and I found a TON of cute ones and quickly learned they aren't just for looks!

I find they have three purposes:
1. Fashion statement, duh!
2. Neck warmer during the cold months, easy to put on but hard for the kiddos to get off
3. Drool catcher: Since they are machine washable you can leave them on all day and have the same functionality as a bib without looking like they are wearing a bib. Boys can even wear them! I found some masculine patterns plus solid colors.

This pattern reminded me of Megan

I am somewhat of a pattern junkie so I was drawn to Juniper Holiday's scarves plus her price was amazing. I also fell in love with her turbans, they are so retro and cute! She even made me a custom order for Elliot. She has two styles, The "Livvy-Blythe" (my favorite) and the "Lucille"

The "Livvy-blythe" Turban, this picture sold me!

So don't worry Megan, Elliot will be ready this winter with scarves and turbans :)

Check out her shop here:

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