Monday, October 14, 2013

Two Weeks of Celebrating John's 31st

Happy Birthday John!!
Over the past couple weeks we have gotten to celebrate John's day of birth. With family, friends, get togethers and lots of eating, I think he is ready to take on his 31st year. It started Sept. 30 when my parents came over to help us put together our new Entertainment Center. We had Imo's, cake and presents. On John's actual Birthday, Oct. 6, we of course went to eat breakfast at his favorite place Gailey's. Monday, we celebrated all the October/Sept. birthdays with John's Mom, Step-dad, Sister, Brother-in-law and Nephew at Lambert's. Sawyer loved the "Throwed Rolls". And then to finish the celebrations, we went out Saturday for dinner & drinks with our friends. We started dinner at Kai, then went to Skinny Slims for drinks and John and I ended the night at Vintage for the Kayden's Krew Fundraiser.
cake + imo's = amazing!
Family breakfast
Their Pumpkin waffles are to die for!
Sawyer's first trip to Lamberts
Uncle John + Kaiden
Now there's a handful!
Love this!
running around after dinner
my boys!
Birthday dinner at Kai
Sake Bombs!! Love Krissy's expressions

The adorable preggers Megan + Nicole
That's a good looking group
John, me, Krissy, Penny and Matt
Playing the super fun App Ellen DeGeneres created

That's how to take a photo!
Tim had a bat in the cave
The girls!
surrounded by beauties
It isn't a party until Tim + John get crazy
Look at that Air!
Skinny Slims
Penny + Matt
14 days until Elliot!
John and me at Vintage

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