Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend in Pictures: Appelquist Golf Tournament & Fall Festival

Fall might finally be here, the weather was BEAUTIFUL this weekend. Perfect for our two outside activities. Saturday was the 3rd Annual Appelquist Foundation Golf Tournament in honor of Jim Appelquist (see last year's tournament post HERE, boy has Sawyer changed!). It was another successful tournament and even though we haven't gotten the official totals of the day, it had a great turnout and everyone had fun. John got to play this year too and did pretty well for not playing in over 5 years!
Sunday, we went to Rutledge Wilson Farm's Fall Festival. It has tons of activities and kept Sawyer busy for most of the afternoon. They have the festival every weekend through the end of October, we definitely will be back.
Trina with her two sisters and mother
Me with Trina and Megan (and Elliot)
My beer cart buddy Stephanie (didn't get a picture with my first shift partner Andrea)
Sawyer loved riding & driving the carts
Spencer, Jamie, Reece and John
Ron, Tim, Chris and Wayne (Megan's Fam!)

Cool guy on the course

John with Megan & Tim
teaching his son the game
Awesome big slide at Fall Fest

didn't not want to leave the bounce house

Cow Train

riding the tractors 

Big tractors!
checking out the pigs, who ended up giving birth that day to piglets!!

loved playing in the water!
then he became obsessed with walking around the hay bails 

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