Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sawyer: 22 Months

22 Months!

Wow, Sawyer's 22 month birthday snuck up on me. I have been calling him 22 months for a while now because I feel like he is already 2. Everyday he inpresses me with something new, usually a new phrase that I have no idea where he learned. He is like a little sponge and we have to be very careful what we say around him!
Here is a video of how rowdy he has gotten when we play. A simple game with dad turns into him running around the house kicking, hitting and throwing things. We usually just let him go because the more we feed into it the worst it gets. Of course, we make always make sure he isn't doing anything harmful :)

Weight33 lbs. (estimate doesn't see Dr. until 2nd Bday)

Height: 34 inches (estimate doesn't see Dr. until 2nd Bday)
His favorite breakfast of Cheesy Eggs, Toast + Honey
Eating:  He is either a crazy good eater or the pickiest eater ever. I have seen him take down a whole hamburger and more or completely not want a single piece of food. His favorites right now are  eggs, toast, string cheese, fruit leather, bananas and hamburgers.

Sleeping: Great sleeper, sleeps 10-12 hours a night and naps anywhere from 1 - 3 hours a day.
This is a monitor shot of me catching him talking to Ralph and fixing his hair
Clothing2T in shirts + pants, size 7 shoes

Diapers: size 5
Pretending like this box is a boat with Ralph and Bear
Playing: He loves Tunnels, Puzzles and books. Most night all we do after school is John and I hold a big blanket and he hides under it like a tunnel. Then we read 3-4 books and he is ready for bed. He is awesome at puzzles and usual figures them out within a few minutes. He is starting to love to color too and at school they said his favorite is painting. 
Putting his stuffed animals to bed
Teething:  All his teeth are in waiting on those 2 year molars...yikes!
his little attitude is definitely showing in this pic
Tantrum, not so pretty!
Talking:  He is mastering the 2-3 words sentences, especially bossy statements like "Stop it" "Don't like it" and "No, move". He has gotten very good and telling us exactly what he wants. He knows me and John by our real names now too and even says "Sawyer Farris Hamra". He is quite the little singer too and knows the words to most of the songs we sing. I just love his little voice. I love how he says Christmas and it sounds like "Kiss-mas" and when he eats something he really likes he says "Mmm, good". Or how he preferes to say "again" instead of "more" when he wants you to do something over. He knows how to tell stories with just the important words. Like the other days, he noticed our dog faith had an accident in the kitchen and he came and got me and said "Kitchen...Faith...Poop" , I responded "Did Faith poop in the kitchen" and his answer "Yes, Mommy...Clean up...towel...throw...snow". Because he had seen me pick it up before and throw it in the backyard in the snow. So cute!

Potty Training: Has sat on the potty a few times this month but hasn't gone. We let him go without a diaper at night so it might force him to use the potty and he has had a few accidents. Surprisingly, it scares him when he goes and he cries. When he starts in the 2's room in February they have small potties to help work with him on potty training.
1st Movie Theater experience
Pottery with Trina
Other developments:  This month we tried two new things, his first movie at a theater and took him to paint pottery. Surprisingly he sat a whole hour watching Despicable Me 2 before he started getting antsy. He was even talking about the movie during, it is super cute when he says "Minions" and "Gru". Painting pottery went ok, was a little restless and he ended up like the toys better that the actually painting. We might wait to go back until next year. It was super fun though, Trina joined us and we painted a platter for Santa's Cookies.

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