Saturday, February 22, 2014

Two's room update

Sawyer spent this last week transitioning into his new classroom, the Two's Room.
While this may not seem like a big deal, it involves a lot of changes. And of course, I like to document because I like to hold these moments dear.

First, new teachers: He definitely loves his new teachers but still is struggling not seeing his old teachers ( had a brief breakdown when he saw his other class across the room at chapel).

Second, new students: He was the oldest in the infant room and he definitely "ruled the roost". Now he is the as you can imagine he has a whole new dynamic with those around him.

Third, new schedule: While the major things stay the same (meals + napping), there are many new activities for him to learn, like yoga and my personal favorite Potty Training!

Finally, Potty training: Yes, I already mentioned this but it is important and is worth emphasizing. Every hour they take them to the potty to "try" even if they are still in a diaper. They give me a full report of how he did that day. I am very HAPPY to announce he peed on the potty friday! He is even running to the potty by himself at home. While I know this is just the beginning, it gives me hope!

I have already noticed a huge change in his language. He is using more sentences versus one-word answers. We were at the store the other night and he wanted a toy while we were leaving. I said "Sawyer time to put it back", his response..."Well Buy It!" This is definitely new!

Here are some snapshots of his first full day in his new classroom.

When I came to pick him up, he looked very relaxed and at home

I love their class discussions on emotions
This just makes me laugh! 

Sawyer's cubby
As you can see from the right column, "T" means Try and the "P" at 4 pm means he Peed!

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