Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sawyer's Chugga Chugga Two Two Birthday Bash

We just got our photos in from our wonderful photography Jen who shot Sawyer's 2nd birthday party. We had a Train-themed party at Dynamics Gymnastics because honestly this boy just wants to play. Instead of doing a posed session for his two-year-old pics, I decided to hire a photographer to come and take pictures of Sawyer in his "real" state...running, jumping, playing, being a wild boy! She did such a great job and I think it shows his vivacious personality!
Here are some of my favorites from the day, see all the pictures here:

we actually found time to get a family shot
a little friendly race against his girlfriend Paisley

He loves his Mawmaw

Auntie Trina 

Daddy doing flips

tackling Grandpa

Oliver + Aleah

Cousin Kaiden!

Little Miss Paisley

Elliot's stunning eyes!

Sawyer's best gymnastic friend Lena
Let's eat cake!!

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