Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sawyer + Kaiden's Build-a-Bear Adventure

Sawyer's aunt Cindy, uncle Rob and cousin Kaiden gifted him a Build-a-Bear gift certificate for his 2nd Birthday. I think this was partially because John's sister Cindy knew John was totally against the idea of taking Sawyer there (that's what sisters are for, right?) but also because it was a chance to have a field trip with our little guys. 
John, Sawyer, Cindy, Kaiden, Grandma Donnetta and me met at the Branson Landing for Sawyer and Kaiden's first BAB experience. And to John's surprise, Sawyer loved it and I think he had some fun too. Of course, he picked out the most expensive item...a Tiger dressed as a hockey player.  He named him T.T Oshie (Truman the Tiger Oshie), for you non-Blues/ Mizzou fans that is a mix of T.J. Oshie (St. Louis Blues player) and Truman (Mizzou's mascot). Kaiden made a monkey that he let Sawyer name, he picked Truman....again. Sawyer even helped him fill and wash him. Thanks to Cindy & Rob for a great gift and a fun day!

Picking out his tiger

Filling him up 

Adding a heart

Hug test to make sure he is soft enough

Bath time

Now time to help Kaiden

Dad got him all dressed in his uniform 

Getting T.T. Oshie's and Truman's Birth Certificates

All set to bring our new friends home

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  1. I love this! He looks like he really enjoyed building his TT Oshie!