Saturday, March 8, 2014

KOL Show - KC

John and I got to take a short concert getaway Wednesday night to see Kings of Leon for our 6th time (might be 7th, I've lost track) at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. This was by far the largest venue we have seen them at  but was an excellent show. We got to meet up with Trina, Megan Weaver and her close friends Kerry and Cory for drinks/food at Johnny's Tavern prior to the show and a mean game of Cards Against Humanity at the hotel after.
Thanks Mom & Dad for keeping little man! 

Our tradition before the concert Hotel pic. 

A little pre-show bevs

Loved this chair!

One of our favorites:

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  1. Love this photo of you two! And we were happy to have little man over for a sleep over. Good times!