Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our new home

As promised, here is my official blog post about our lovely new home. The home where we'll create many memories as a family, Sawyer will be raised in and we'll grow our family. It's been a quick but smooth ride so far and can't wait to bring Sawyer home to his new room (we plan to spend our first night there tomorrow). We closed on it this afternoon and now we just need to move our stuff in from the garage which seems way easier than the move we already made. Thanks again to my parents for letting us stay these last few weeks, we are forever thankful! Also special shoutout to Stephanie Edwards and Jim Hurcheson for being the best realtors ever, they made it seem easy! And to the Weaver's for keeping a beautiful house and for letting us move our stuff into your garage!

My boss Julie said the first thing I should do was cartwheels in the new I did!

Without further ado, I present our new home...

My first order of business.... Yellow front door! As my dear friends and family know I'm in love with the color yellow and my dream was to one day have a yellow front door. I'm thrilled to finally make that dream come true! I was able to get swatches today, stay tuned for our choice....

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