Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekend in Pictures // Mother's Day

My third Mother's Day and what made it the best yet... Sawyer woke me saying "Happy Mother's Day Mommy". I could have cried. We had a busy weekend of Swim Lessons, Silver Dollar City, baseball & playing at the park, and a relaxing BBQ. I never could have guessed I would not only have gotten to celebrate with my mom but that I'd be living with her! Honestly, it's been so fun. I feel very blessed that we have such a close relationship and that Sawyer gets so much quality time with her. Happy Mother's Day mom! Glad you aren't sick of me....yet!
Sawyer came home sick Thursday and Friday so I got extra snuggles. 

Made me an adorable necklace with his thumbprint...if only he'd let me wear it

Started the weekend with his first swim lesson

Loved it!
Saturday at Silver Doller City

Won twice!
Very proud of his prizes (that I ended up losing on the tram ride home, ah!!)

Singing Kaiden Ba Ba Blacksheep
Loved this froggy ride!
Caterpillar ride

After the water ride, think the sun made it hard for my mom to center the pic, ha!

train ride!!
Aunt Amie, Grandma and Sawyer

Dad made his famous Daddy Michael burgers (turkey of course) for Mother's Day

Mom and me enjoying our rum punch!

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  1. It's been like a family vacation! Fun times! Happy Mother's Day honey....I love you!