Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend in Pictures: Easter

Easter was yesterday and while the weather wasn't as "springy" as we would have hoped, it was still a fun day. We actually had a Easter-filled weekend. Easter-egg dying with Megan, Elliot, Trina, Kaitlin, Sawyer and me saturday morning, King's Way Helicopter Egg Drop saturday afternoon, and church, brunch, and a rain-filled Easter egg hunt with my family Sunday. Here are some photos, here is a link to all of our photos from the weekend:

Kool-Aid dying, colors turn out great (except purple) but still a little tricky!
A little egg-dying performance
Lunch break

Ready, Set....Hunt!

Cookie decorating

Waiting on the Helicopter

Easter bunny came!

started to rain during our hunt, boo!

Sawyer didn't mind

Playing his new Cardinals Legos with Grandpa
Dr. Sawyer costume from the Easter Bunny

giving Grandma a check-up

Fox robe from the Easter Bunny

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