Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Scout is Out!

We welcomed our baby boy Scout Edward Hamra Wednesday, June 24 at 8:31 p.m. While I thought he was about 9 days early, according to my last ultrasound he was 14 days early at a very healthy weight of 8 lbs. 7 oz., 21 inches long, and 14 inch head.

I went in for my 38 week appointment and my doctor decided to admit me to Labor & Delivery because I was dilated to 4 cm with what they call a bulging bag and contractions that were a minute apart (basically my water was about to break). She thought he would arrive 2-3 hours later, while it wasn't that quick, he came about 6 hours later. Besides the fact I kept getting sick from my blood pressure dropping, labor was so much smoother than Sawyer's. Just about 20 minutes of pushing and we met our baby boy. I literally looked down and thought "Oh my gosh I am delivering Sawyer again"....he looked exactly like him!

He is just less than a week old and we are all obsessed with him. He is very gentle mannered and so far calmer than his brother. Only bump in the road so far is he is jaundiced. We have been at the doctor every day since his birth. Today, we hope he can get rid of the biliruben lamp. He dropped to 7 lbs. 12 oz. at two days old but at our appointment yesterday he is up to 8 lbs. 1 oz. and doctor's are very happy with how he is doing.

Sawyer is an amazing big brother and so far just loving on him every minute he can get! Super helpful and loves to kiss him, very interested in how he feeds, of course. We are adjusting well at home with our family of four. As expected, I am definitely more busy than ever, so getting time to blog has been tricky.

I do want to say thank you so much to every one who has helped us these past few days. All the visitors, food, gifts, are beyond appreciated and we can't say thank you enough.  It truly takes a village! We are especially thankful every one showed so much attention to Sawyer, this really helped him feel loved! Special thank you to my mother-in-law who helped with Sawyer and driving me to doctor's appointments, I truly appreciate and love you dearly. Also to my Aunt Julie and Uncle Scott who drove down from St. Louis and kept Sawyer for us for the afternoon while we went to more doctor's appointments.

We have taken a ton of photos, of course. Check them all out on our share site, here:
Scout from pregnancy to birth - https://karitravels.shutterfly.com/3914

Scout's visitors - https://karitravels.shutterfly.com/3886

The hospital also took some photos of him through their company Mom 365, view the photos here: https://karitravels.shutterfly.com/4051

It's go time!
Terrible cry photo but I was so overjoyed!
adding another handsome man to the Hamra house

Big Brother backpack for Sawyer
So Proud!
Sawyer wanted to pretend to have a baby, oh geez! 
helping with feeding time
First captured smile!
First neighborhood walk
watching shows with brother
sunbathing on his biliruben lamp

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