Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hamra Boy #2 // Baby Watch

I had my weekly check up yesterday and things are progressing. And we are officially at that point where any day he could come.

Here are my stats....
Dilated - a 3 - I was a 1 last week
Effaced - 70% (need to be 100)
Station - negative 2
Measuring - 40 weeks (I am only 37, another big boy) - I measured 37 weeks last week
Baby's Heart Rate - 150

My Stats look a lot like the blog I posted the week before Sawyer came:

She also did that fun procedure (stripping membranes) I mentioned in my blog last week.
It didn't hurt and was very quick. She said she didn't think he would come in the next couple days because my cervix still needs to thin more and his head (while in position and down) needed to descend a little more. The procedure speeds up this process but you just never know if it will work. She said if I make it to my next appointment next Wednesday and no baby she is going to induce me.

Great news though is she confirmed my platelets are still in good range to get an epidural if I want one. She doesn't imagine it will drop enough to change that.

Friday my contractions started really intensifying and are getting more consistent. We had tickets to the St. Louis Cardinals game Sunday but John and I decided to stay home due to the contractions and pre-labor pains (in my back). Sawyer still went with my parents and unfortunately the game ended up getting rained out. I am very glad I stayed back, plus now we have tickets to a game in July for the rain makeup.

I have to share a cute Sawyer story too. He is so excited to meet his brother and on the way to school Tuesday he said, "My brother is coming today". I had to fill him in on how there is a chance but really mommy was just going to the doctor to see if he was ready to come out yet and if he was I would go the hospital. He then asked, "Well, who will pick me up then?" I made sure he knew we had a plan. Later that same day, obviously still thinking about our conversation, I got a text from his teacher telling me he was extremely upset and worried about me and wanted to give me a call. He kept telling her, "My baby came out and I am not there." So I called and comforted him and told him he would definitely be the first person to know when his brother is coming. So sweet!

Our bags are packed including a nice Big Brother surprise for Sawyer. My mom took Sawyer shopping Monday to let him pick out a gift for his brother and for himself. He was so sweet and picked out a sound machine just like he has in his room. For himself he got a new Chuggington train and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates toy.

37 weeks

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