Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why I love what I do: Part 1 (of many)

This will most likely be a regular blog post, something I probably should have started sooner.

I have been with O'Reilly Auto Parts for more than six years and I can truly say it is more than a "job", I don't even really consider it a job because I enjoy coming to work every day. I am blessed to work in a part of the company that is filled with positive stories and accounts, and I know my role is unique in that fact. I am the Internal Communications manager which basically means I am responsible for getting all the important information/news out to our team members (stores, distributions centers, and corporate offices)....which we now have more than 70,000 of them. What's even better is 90% of the time this is good, positive news honoring or featuring amazing team members and their stories. I get to be a story teller and historian for a company that has such a rich history. I am proud to be an O'Reilly team member!

Last weekend was another reason why I love working for O'Reilly. We held our annual FunFest company picnic, which I am on the committee to help plan (another fun role). This event was a huge success with the help of a wonderful team. More than 2,300 springfield team members attended filled with entertainment, activities, food and a cardinals game. I just wanted to share some of the great things the company did to simple just say thank you!

(special shout out to Cheryl Maddox for some of these great photos!)

My parents participating in the Fun Walk
The Hurts Donut Whambulance served all day
Kettle Corn!
Perfect for a 90 degree day!

Ruell, Abbey, & Nick performed

Anna & Elsa from Frozen stopped by to perform

He loved watching Anna & Elsa perform
Beating Grandpa in the obstacle course
And daddy 
He couldn't do any of this last year!

meeting Batman
Ready for the Cards game

The kids had a pretend baseball game in the suite
Sawyer pitching to Addie

National Anthem time

heading home after a Cards win and a long, fun day

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