Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hamra Boy #2 // Count Down

I guess I should probably blog about our new little addition since I have been terrible about posting like I did with Sawyer (typical second child issue). I have very good about logging records and photos just haven't shared them.

I had my weekly appointment yesterday and everything went well. Last week my doctor had mentioned she wants to bring him early and she confirmed that today.

I am one centimeter dilated, his heart rate was 150 (what Sawyer's was the whole pregnancy), measuring at 37 weeks and my blood pressure looked great too. She said she is going to stimulate the cervix a.k.a "strip my membranes" at my next appointment on Tuesday, June 16. And when I asked what that meant exactly, she responded "Have your bags packed". The process can get you going in to labor right away or a few days later, so basically it sounds like we should be able to meet our baby boy next week!!! If you are wondering why she would try to bring him so soon, it is because Mr. Sawyer made an 10-day early appearance weighing in two pounds heavier than my doctor thought at 8 lbs. 11 oz. She wants to prevent me having to go through that again, I'll spare you the details.

One concern I had was that my platelets were low, a condition that if gets too low (under 100,000) means you can not get an epidural (mine were at 125,000).  I had never heard of before so it made me a little nervous. They did blood work yesterday and they only dropped 5 points, which mean so far I should still be good. They will do another round of blood work when I come in to deliver, fingers crossed they stay above 100,000.

I have been tracking my progress over the weeks with photos, so I will go ahead and share in case I don't get to take another one, ah! We also finished the nursery and will be sharing that soon as well but we might wait until our baby boy can see it first.

Prayers are appreciated as we prepare to become a Family of 4!

Here is a picture at 37 weeks with Sawyer (he came about 7 days later)

Baby #2 Weekly Photos (I skipped a couple weeks)

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