Thursday, October 22, 2015

Weekend in Pictures // Dallas

I traveled to Dallas last Friday morning for work and while we had a lot to accomplish, we also got to enjoy ourselves a little after the work was done. Thanks to our amazing hostess we were able to see the Dallas Aurora Festival on Friday evening and then see Taylor Swift in concert Saturday night.  We may work long hours but we make sure we get in some fun time too! One of my favorite artist, Vance Joy opened for her as well as Shawn Mendes. Taylor also brought out a surprise guest, Ellie Goulding to perform. She packed the house with 62,000 fans. Her show was incredible, definitely a must see!

It was the first time I left Scout overnight but I did better than I thought, I honestly didn't have time to think about how much I missed him. I joke that I felt like I pumped all over the city of Dallas but it is pretty much true. Traveling as a nursing mom is hard work.
Boy, was I glad to snuggle all my boys when I got home Sunday and it was a beautiful day so we enjoyed a nice long walk as a family. It was the first time Scout got to ride facing out in the Bjorn too.

Here are some videos from the festival and the concert. Funny thing is I uploaded the full Bad Blood performance to my YouTube channel and I got a notice from YouTube that is has been blocked due to a copyright claim. That has never happened with any of the other concert videos I have posted. So here are the others ones they allowed me to share.....

Aurora Festival 

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams

Ellie Goulding

Vance Joy Intro

Vanc Joy - Mess is Mine
Vance Joy - Georgia
Nice welcome from the Fairmont Hotel
even personalized my toiletries
How Sweet!!
Dallas Aurora Arts Festival, buildings were lit up with art

Visiting the Bomb Factory venue, they just purchased the World's largest disco ball
Lunch at the Rustic
Bacon drink...interesting!
Dallas Cowboy's Stadium is HUGE!

Julie carried around her daughter's bear and took picturesof it all over Dallas
The suite before the show
peaking out the window, this is where we will be for the Cowboys game in December

Julie, Tracie, and Me

Ellie Goulding
Taylor handed out bracelets that were synced to her songs

Scout's souvenir from my trip, the cake is for me :)
Sawyer calls the bracelet from the concert his magic Fitbit
When I returned, he did all the grocery shopping for me

Family Walk

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