Thursday, December 24, 2015

Scout // 6 months

Where has this half a year gone? We seriously have the sweetest, smiliest little guy I have ever met. He honestly is happy 90% of the time and when he isn't it is usually always he is hungry, wet, or tired. His favorite person is his brother Sawyer, and as long as he is around he is a happy camper. He is super ticklish and loves peak-a-boo

It is a little creepy how similar they are this month, almost everything is identical even weight. I have a feeling these boys are going to be like peas in a pod!

Scout 6 Month stats

weight: 16 lbs 8 oz. 25 percentile - at 5 months he was 16 lbs. 7 oz.

height: 27 in. 75 percentile - at 5 months he was 26 inches

clothing: 6-9 months and 9-12. Wears size 2 shoes

diapers: Size 3

eating: nursing and takes a bottle at school every 4-5 hours, with oatmeal in the morning and fruits/veggies at lunch and at dinner. He has tried most of the foods so far, he isn't a fan of beets like Sawyer was but mostly everything else he has liked.

sleeping: At night he usually falls asleep about 7 p.m. and wakes up to eat about midnight and then at 5 am. He usually sleeps through the night 1-2 times a week but not every night like Sawyer was doing. He is awesome at just falling asleep though, once I feed him...he is out. UPDATE: Right after I posted this we had major sleep regression, he has been waking up 3-4 times a night just upset. His doctor told us to let him cry for about 15 minutes to help him learn to "self soothe", it is so tough! We are on night two and so far it hasn't improved, fingers crossed we see some changes or we are going to be one cranky family.

teething: Well I thought he had 2 teeth are coming in. But when we went to the pediatrician she said what we thought was a tooth was actually a cyst (nothing painful or an issue) that will eventually go away. It looks exactly like a little tooth popping through, ha!

other updates: This boy wants to crawl! He gets himself around but not up on all fours yet. He can get his belly off the ground for short periods of time. He has starting rolling to get where he needs to go. He can sit up by himself for brief periods too or when he puts him hands down for support. He loves to jump when we put him on his feet. He is saying something that sounds like "dada" and lots of other coos and aahs.

His monthly photo shoot was so stinking cute I had to share more

Here are a few others from the month:

Sitting up tall!

School Christmas crafts
big foot!
Loves his feet!

See he stops smiling sometimes!
little smirk
hates being on his back so he flipped right over

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