Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekend in Pictures: St. Louis

The boys and I made a trip back to St. Louis for Scout's 30-day post operation follow-up and decided we would make a fun weekend out of it to celebrate Sawyer's birthday.
We jammed packed our two days there and Sawyer even said it was the most fun weekend EVER! He was obsessed with the view from our hotel room, Busch Stadium!

First stop was the doctor's appointment, which I am happy to report went great. He got a clean bill of health and a full release with no restrictions!

Then we headed to Ikea, the Turtle Park (it was 75 degrees out!), a trip up to the 360 bar/restaurant at our hotel for view of the city, and finished the night with dinner at Llywelyn's Pub in Soulard with my family to celebrate my cousin's engagement.

Saturday we got up early had breakfast at one of my new favorites, Snarf's, and went to the City Museum. We could have spent all day there but needed to head home so finished off the weekend with lunch at Kirkwood Station Brewery.

Here are some of the picture, check them all our here: https://karitravels.shutterfly.com/4512

Coloring in the hotel room
Turtle Park

Beautiful weather in February!!!

View from the top of our hotel Hilton at the Ballpark
Sawyer had to get a drink at the 360 bar :)
Birthday gifts from Aunt Julie & Uncle Scott - A Lego Zamboni!!
Little blues toy for Scout too
A new Blues hoodie too!

Newly engaged Nick & Meghan...Can't Wait!!!!
The next morning, Sawyer had to build the Zamboni
City Museum!
Exploring the many tunnels

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