Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Why I love what I do: Part 2

Last week was my third O'Reilly Managers' Conference in St. Louis, MO. More than 6,100 O'Reilly store managers gathered for education and awards. My conference responsibilities, with the help of a wonderful team, grows each year and ranges from signage, presentations, name badges, photography, and really all the behind-the-scenes stuff to make sure it goes off without a hitch. It is an exciting but exhausting job and not for the faint of heart. Each year I learn more and feel more confident in my role. My favorite part is that I get to take some awesome photos and meet and/or reconnect with some incredible people across the country. The hardest thing about last week was being away from my boys for 7 days. Scout even crawled for the first time while I was gone! BUT...they were in amazing hands with John and my parents helping out. His teachers sent me videos and photos that helped too.

Congrats to Tracie & Julie for another amazing conference, you ladies are rock stars!

Here are some photos from the week:
The crew heading up Sunday
This is our "before" picture Monday morning
the Ferrara Theater set being installed
The screen itself weighed 9,000 lbs.
building the set
Pano of the dome getting set
A little face time with my main man
Theater set complete
Pano of the set complete
Rehearsals for the first General Session in the Dome
Regional and District Manager Dinner at Ball Park Village
Dinner at Sauce on the Side after a long day
Our travel team working hard!
Tracie and Julie, the women behind Conference!
Hugs for hard work! We were ready to get the show started
shooting T-shirts into the crowd!
Moderated discussion with the O'Reilly Family
We fit two full size semis in the dome

The photo team!

Arch Rivals Roller Derby Girls
Cheryl with Charlie O'Reilly
Machine Gun Symphony rocked the house!
Drummer in his undies!

With the band!
HR Photo Booth with Cheryl & Julie
Closing Ceremonies
Meet & Greet with Uncle Kracker
And our "After" photo. We survived


  1. Looks like hard work but lots of fun!

  2. Looks like hard work but lots of fun!