Thursday, October 6, 2011

And the verdict is in.....

First off Happy Birthday to my amazing husband! I don't think he will ever forget this birthday!
My handsome husband!!
Today was an amazing day!! Not only did we find out what our little Hamlet is, with my mom at our side, but my two best friend surprised me at the ultrasound appointment.

 The girls waiting outside my appointment!

Trina's & Megan's votes...

See for yourself....
Profile shot
Little foot
Whole back, belly and spine. Nice round belly!

Money shot.....Can you tell???

And the winner is....
It's a BOY!!!!
The appointment went great, we were so shocked & delighted it was a boy we were both convinced it was a girl.  I cried of course and John just beamed hardly believing it was true! Hamlet is healthy and 13 ounces and we are a little farther than they original thought at 20 weeks. We got to call my dad and sisters and John got to share the news with his family too. We are beyond excited for our little man's arrival.
I  surprised John with his first card from his son. And my mom got us the cutest little jammies! Thanks MOM!



  1. YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA!!! SOOOOO happy for you guys...I've been so excited all afternoon (even if I had been secretly, or non-secretly, wishng for a girl!) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

  2. I knew it!! I knew your family of three would have a boy in it :) Congrats!

  3. Exciting news! Congrats you two!

    This post even made me tear up.

  4. Congratulations!! AND Happy Birthday to the Daddy to be!! Hope your day is FILLED with LOTS of GREAT news!! Luv u guys :)

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