Monday, October 8, 2012

John's Birthday Celebration

John turned 30 saturday so we celebrated with dinner at Flame and drinks at Dublin's Pass! Here are the pictures from our fun night out....
Sawyer giving daddy birthday love before we go out.
Sawyer's gift to his Dad
Showing off the back of his shirt, front read " If you Mustache my dad is 30"
Dinner at Flame

they love each other!
And the photobombing begins
Tim's gentleman pose
Perfect gift from the Johnson's
Guy in a kilt..he had just kissed john on the forehead but I missed it!
Band at Dublin's
Dublin's Pass
More bromance
Carmel Apple shot, john HATED it!
Photobomb #2

typical John/Tim pose
Photobomb #3
John and Tim working on getting us a ride, it was freezing!
Even asked a cop for a ride
Tim showing off his moves downtown

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