Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sawyer's 1st Football Game

It's no surprise that John will do everything in his fatherly power to get Sawyer to play football one day. The boy already owns 3 footballs and has a ton of football adorned clothing. We'll let Sawyer make the decision of course but watching & attending football is just part of Sawyer's future. Sawyer's Godfather Tim coaches football at Jarrett and Megan invited us to join her last saturday to watch. It was a little chilly but we bundled up, grabbed some coffee and headed to Drury's stadium for Sawyer's first in-person Football experience. By the jumping and monster noises, I think he enjoyed it. The yelling cheerleaders definitely kept him entertained and Megan snuggled him until he ended up falling asleep.
Football hat for the football game
Wow Mom, this is cool!

Socks for gloves!!
Magic Touch Megan, always knows how to get the boy asleep
snug as a bug

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