Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sawyer: 11 Months

I write this post as the mother of a TODDLER, I didn’t realize I would be so sad typing those words. It is bittersweet to think Sawyer is out of his “baby” stage and with every new development he becomes more independent (i.e. he doesn’t need me, tear!). What is even more bittersweet to me is that in just one month our Sawyer will be one! These 11 months have flown by but mostly because he has been such a fun and amazing little guy. He is the perfect mix of silly, sweet, sassy and smarts! Besides the fact that he is officially walking, since last month one big change is that he has started going to daycare full time 5 days a week. This was a big adjustment for all of us.

Stats this month

Weight: 19 (that is up half a pound since last month

Length: Last time he was at the doctor he was 28.5 so I am guessing he is around 29 but I haven’t measured.

Likes to smile and giggle while he eats

Eating: I am very proud to say I am still nursing…only 4 weeks from my goal of 1 year. He eats everything we eat now except those “do not eat before 12 month items” like berries, peanut butter, milk, eggs, etc. He loves everything but especially things that he can feeds himself like pasta, bread and cheese. He has started giggling as he eats, that's how much he loves food! We have started letting him use a spoon on his own. He tried Indian food this month and loved it! He finally holds his sippy cup with out wanting us to help. He has known how for months but always wanted us to do it.

Still has those adorable baby blues
Sleeping: He is quite the sleepy head lately sleeping anywhere from 9-12 hours at a time. His naps have decreased during the week but he still enjoys napping on the weekends. We moved his bedtime up to 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. since going to school everyday has really proven to wear him out.

Clothing: Finally able to wear some 9-12 month clothes even though in the legs they are too long. Can still wear some 6-9 month clothes too.

Diapers: Just moved to size 4, they are a little big but the capacity is way better

His own cellphone
Playing: He is a great player! Likes when we build his blocks up on his table just so he can knock them all down. Loves to just walk up and down the hallways exploring, usually holding his sippy cup. Currently he loves his dancing dog and fish bowl shape sorter; he sits and plays with those for hours. We also have given him my old iPhone because he always wants ours. He just carries it around as he 

Sawyer with his current favorite toys
Talking: Lots of new words and sounds are coming out of his mouth these days. He has learned the word “stop” and loves to say it after John or I will tell him to “stop” touching something. It is quite cute! He has gotten really good at communicating what when he wants something. He points and says “Eh?” because he is quite curious about everything. He now says “mom” instead of “momma” (see video), of course it makes me giddy.

Teething: Sawyer has 6 teeth total (4 top, 2 bottom), he acts like more are coming in with his constant drooling and chewing but I haven’t seen any new additions.

Running down the hallway
Other developments: This boy is a dancing machine, any time he hears music he dances sometimes he doesn’t even have to hear music. He also has started running (falls a lot) which has lead to his first bloody nose (at school thank the lord) and lots of bumps and bruises.

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