Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shower your Sweetie Day......

I am not a huge Valentine's Day mostly because I think you should show your sweetie you love them everyday. But since it is Sawyer's first, I decided I would partake (a little). I made John a funny little card (and yes I only have one Baby Daddy) and left him love notes on the mirror. Sawyer brought some valentine's to school for all of his friends. My mom was so sweet and got him a little surprise for when she picks him up today, he is going to love it. John took me out to lunch to St. Michael's, it was very romantical!! 

left love notes for John with a little card I made.
Trying to blow kisses
Modeling his Vday Gear
Sawyer with his Valentine Paisley
"Don't you be looking at my lady!"
Valentine Surprise from Grandma

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