Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend in Pictures: Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day to me is like the kick-off to summer mixed with a send off to spring. It reminds me of all the things I love about this time of year...the pool, bbqs, finally letting my legs feel the sun, sitting out in the grass in a lawn chair even if it means mosquito bites and having the sun out until well after 8:00 pm.
This was Sawyer's second Memorial Day and we had a busy one (are you surprised?). Sawyer's vocabulary exploded with new words like "helicopter", "caterpillar", "umbrella" and "firetruck". We had nothing less than a jam packed weekend of activities, here are the pictures...

Jen Rowe & Michael Owens get hitched at the Historical Firehouse

Beautiful Couple & evening for a wedding

Betty was in the wedding and home for a few days

Grandpa gets a new boat!!!
Sawyer's new playground

want to push the horn so bad
A beautiful day to swing and fall asleep sitting up

Family BBQ & Pool Day

Water is freezing but still worth a dip
You're never too big for a kiddie pool
Yes we have matching swimsuits!!
Sawyer's chair

giving mom a shoulder ride
Delivering Trina's Beer
What a helpful little guy
Learning to eat corn on the cob 
He figured it out quick
Finish the night with Andy's!

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  1. Seriously he is too cute and what an awesome way to celebrate Memorial Day!