Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Another fun & event-filled weekend that is best illustrated by the countless pictures I snapped. Here are a few of my favorite, it is starting to loo a lot like SUMMER!

Friday Dinner & Andy's Frozen Custard with our besties Megan & Tim

best Godmother ever!
Having a little too much fun in Megan & Tim's Jeep

Saturday Afternoon Park time with Sawyer

Beautiful day for a park visit with mommy

Saturday Evening — Game night at the Blair's

with Trina, the Tarwater's and Mullis'

Lovebirds at dinner
Fashion courtesy of Trina's Hawaii Trip
Sawyer got a little hot in his Hawaii attire
These two are way to cute for words

Sunday Morning Family Bike Ride

New helmet!
Let's try this out Dad!
This is COOL!

Cool breeze got to him

Sunday Afternoon BBQ at the Grandparents

New Slide

Smelling the flowers
Learning hockey moves from Grandpa
Playing in the water to cool off.

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  1. I love these pictures. Every single one of them. :o)