Friday, July 5, 2013

I Can't Stop Laughing!

While I was putting Sawyer to bed the other night, I could hear John snickering and giggling in the other room. I knew it had to be good because he even peaked his head in Sawyer’s room (a big no no when putting a child to bed) with a huge grin on his face. At the time I was thinking “What is so funny you risk waking Sawyer up?” Now I completely understand. He was playing with the new app he found called Face Juggler. It takes a picture of two people and switches their faces. I know it sounds childish but I don’t think I have belly laughed this hard in years. The one that got me was the picture he took of him and Sawyer that after the app looks like Sawyer is holding John on his lap.

See for yourself:

John + Sawyer: Creepy, Weird but oh so Hilarious!
Kari + Betty 

Tim + John
Kari + Megan

John + Kari 
Kari + Trina
Sawyer + Paisley

Download the app HERE

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  1. I may have pee'd myself a little looking at that first one... :o)