Friday, January 17, 2014

Sawyer: 23 months

Who is 23 Months? This guy!
Sawyer is definitely ready to turn 2. From his massive vocabulary, terrible tantrums and constant need to ensure that everything he does is "his idea", I am now confident I understand why they are called "the terrible two's". And we still have 1 month left :) This was my most struggling month as a mother thus far. All my limits were tested (did I mention he punched a waitress?) But still at the end of each day, I would forget how bad it was because he knows how to show me love just as much as he knows how to test me. I think that is what makes a parent's job so hard. With a little kiss and an "I love you", it's like they can do no wrong.
I am sad that I only have 1 more update for his 2nd birthday and then I will retire from monthly Sawyer posts. I will most likely just update every few months or with big changes. I can not believe how fast this has gone and thanks to all our family and friends for keeping up with our little guy. Hope you have enjoyed our updates.

Weight32.3 lbs., he actually stood on the scale

Height: 34 inches (estimate doesn't see Dr. until 2nd Bday)

Eating: Eating a lot less lately, sometimes doesn't even want dinner. His favorites right fruit snacks, animal crackers, pizza and hamburgers.

Sleeping: He has started to sleep in until 8:30/9 am on the weekends even though he still goes to bed at 7:30/8. Loving it!

Clothing2T  and some 3T in shirts. 2T in pants, size 7 shoes

Diapers: we went up to size 6 because of capacity :) they are a little big

watching videos with his animanls
Playing: Loves trains, puzzles and flash cards. Also has gotten a few stuffed animals he is especially fond of that he names (louie his cardinal, melman his giraffe, figgit his fixit felix doll, ralph, sally his dog, stewart his minion, elmo and bear ). He has become obsessed with certain youtube videos like "gangnam style", "what the fox say", "what the cards have" and "linsey sterling's crystallize". He just stairs and dances over and over again. He also loves anything art (drawing, painting, etc) or music (drums, guitar, piano, etc) related.
made this all on his own at school
When he was done he sat down, said "cheese, more"
Teething:  All his teeth are in waiting on those 2 year molars...yikes!
happy boy
Talking:  I have stopped keeping track because he says everything. Some of my favorite/cutest phrases he says are: "Oh Doughnut" for darnit, "love you too", "I don't like it", "bye bye friends".
Every Sunday he wakes up and asks to go to Gailey's to see the harpist and eat eggs. He also is able to tell us how old he is turning on his birthday. One of the most impressive things he did for me this  week was he counted to 10 on my fingers, almost completely by himself (I had to help a tad). I learned at the last family night that he knows most of his friend's parents by name and greets them every morning, so polite :)
loves taking pictures and saying "cheese"

Potty Training: still very interested but not going consistently. He did sit on the potty with his clothes on a couple weeks ago and go #2 and came and told us. So he gets the idea but we just need to work on removing his clothes first.


swinging with Kaiden

kisses for Kaiden

Pool time at the Ozark Community Center